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Institutions are organizations or repositories that maintain collections of samples or specimens on a long-term basis for scientific research, education, conservation and other purposes. Institutions are organized into one or more distinct collections, often with separate specimen catalogs and numbering systems.

Before registering an institution, please make sure it has not already been registered by using Find an Institution.

If your institution already has a record, you can register your collections here.

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Information about the Institution

Enter the name of the institution as a whole.

Alternate or additional institution names can be entered in the “Additional Institution Names” field below.

Enter the code for the institution. InstitutionCodes must be globally unique and should be short alphabetic codes (preferably four characters or less, numbers and special characters are not allowed). If the institution is listed in other databases, such as Index Herbariorum or DarwinCore, or in literature, we encourage the re-use of those codes.

If you select an acronym that is being used by another institution, you will receive an error message. At that point you can either select a different acronym or contact us to discuss alternative options.

Use this field to record additional or previous institution names (e.g., museum or herbarium name if different from institution name).
Identify if the institution is currently active or inactive.
Only use “inactive” if the institution has closed or otherwise halted managing collections, or if the InstitutionCode is superseded by another code.
Select the value that reflects the ownership and legal character of the institution, not the major source of funding.
For example: a "Private Non-Profit" institution would receive most of its income from private donors and would be run as a private organization, but could also receive some government funding.
Identify the main disciplines in which the institution engages in research, education, conservation, etc.
Choose as many values as apply. To filter the list, begin typing into the box.
Please select the item that best represents the type of institution. If several types apply (e.g., a museum with an herbarium and an aquarium), please select the most prominent aspect of the institution. Please note: personal research collections and private collections should be entered as collections, not institutions.

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Enter any other descriptive information about the institution that is relevant or important.

Use this field to record any instances of renaming or recoding that may have occurred over the life of the institution. If the institution has been renamed or another institution has been absorbed or merged, include a link to the “inactive” registry record to allow for continued connectivity between the prior and current institutions.

Provide the CITES permit number(s) under which the institutions holding are obtained.

Institutional Mailing Address

This is the primary address for the institution.

Provide as much detail as is necessary in the three address lines (e.g., if you use Address 1 for the institution name including any additional organizational structure, use Address 2 & 3 for the street address).

If your country does not have states or countries, please enter "Not Applicable".

Institutional Contact Information

Select a primary contact for the institution. This person is commonly the registrar or director of collections. This person will receive notifications when information on this record is changed.

To select a primary contact, begin typing their name into the box and possible matches will appear. If the name does not appear in the auto-complete list, DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING FOR THIS FIELD. Instead, use the “Register a Staff Member” link below to create a new record.