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Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara (CESA) - Status: A Scientific Consortium. Independent, private research Centre, Museum and Library as well as Biological Station and Research Laboratory (BSRL). Date of Foundation: Cesa was announced on October 1st,1988, in the publication of Priamus. The date of the first issue of the serial Priamus was 1981, which is currently an organ of the Cesa. This date may be considered as the date of foundation of the Cesa. However, the earliest date of the activities, realized by Ahmet Omer Kocak was in 1966, as the first capture of the butterflies in Ankara Province. The year of 1968 is the first date of the preparation of the card system of the Cesa. 

Founder: Prof. em. Dr. Ahmet Omer Kocak

Owners: Prof. em. Dr. Ahmet Omer Kocak and Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhabbet Kemal Kocak -Responsibilities: Prof. em. Dr. Ahmet Omer Kocak : Curator of the Collections of the CESA (containing more than 500000 specimens from various countries of the Old World). Editor of the Serial Publications, Miscellaneous Papers, Memoirs of the CESA, Cesa News, Iconographia Insectorum, Cesa Books International, Coordinator of the international expeditions and projects - Scientific contributor to the Serials of the CESA - Coordinator, developer and contributor of the databank of the CESA - Coordinator and developer of the multimedia programs of the CESA, video mixing, recording and publishing. Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhabbet Kemal Kocak : Curator of the Collections of the CESA - Editor of the Serial Publications Priamus and Priamus Supplement of the CESA- Scientific contributor to the Serials of the CESA - Scientific Video camerawoman on wildlife of the insects, esp. butterflies and moths and their behaviour, natural environments in the world; video mixing and recording. Member of the staff of the Yuzuncu Yil University, Van, Turkey, in the Department of the Biology, Faculty of Science.

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Biological Sciences: Taxonomy, Biological Sciences: Zoology
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Private, non-profit: General
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Museum or Herbarium: Private non-profit
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Ahmet Ömer Koçak

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Prof. Dr.
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