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Last Namesort descending First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Collection Code Country Research Specialty
Zhang Zhi Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences HNR<IH> China Geraniaceae; Apiaceae
Zhang Zhixiang Beijing Forestry University BJFC<IH> China <Elaeagnus; > Elaeagnaceae
Zhang Zing-Xiang Hebei Normal University HBNU<IH> China Hebei flora
Zhao Ming Gansu Institute of Desert Control MQ<IH> China Desert flora of Gansu
Zhao Pin Guizhou Academy of Sciences HGAS<IH> China Vascular plants of Guizhou
Zhao Hua Hanzhong Teachers College HZTC<IH> China Phytomorphology; conservation biology
Zhao Yi-Zhi Inner Mongolia University HIMC<IH> China Ranunculaceae; Caryophyllaceae; Campanulaceae
Zhao Chi-Son Nanjing Forestry University NF<IH> China Gymnosperms; Fagaceae; Poaceae; especially Bambusoideae
Zhao Xiu-Gu Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Academia Sinica NPA<IH> China
Zhao Yu-Tang Northeast Normal University NENU<IH> China Chinese Iridaceae
Zhao Yi Shanxi Institute of Biology HSIB<IH> China
Zhao Leng Shenyang Agricultural University SYAUF<IH> China Betulaceae; Acanthaceae
Zhao Bao-Hui Central China Normal University CCNU<IH> China Hubei flora
Zhao Hong-Quan Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau ANTU<IH> China Mt. Changbai gymnosperms; Asteraceae; and Araliaceae
Zhao Ling Anhui Institute of Biology AIB<IH> China Flora of Anhui
Zhao Nan-Xian Anhui Institute of Biology AIB<IH> China Poaceae
Zhao Zhongzhen Chinese Academy of Traditional Medicine CMMI<IH> China <Magnolia>; Magnoliaceae
Zhao Suyun Chongqing Municipal Academy of Chinese Materia Medica SM<IH> China <Stephania>; Menispermaceae
Zhao Xiu-Zhen Fujian Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology FMP<IH> China Medicinal plants of Fujian; Aristolochiaceae; Ranunculaceae; Lardizabalaceae; and Campanulaceae of Fujian
Zhao Nan-Xian South China Botanical Garden IBSC<IH> China Poaceae; Araceae; Orchidaceae; Fagaceae