Web Services for GRBio

GRBio provides webservices to faciliate machine to machine integration of repository and specimen information.

'Cool' HTTP URIs for Repositories

Each collection in GRBio has a HTTP URI that it will attempt to keep stable. For collection records that were formerly part of the Biodiversity Collections Index (BCI) these URIs start with "http://biocol.org" and are followed by the Life Science Identifier string. An example is http://biocol.org/urn:lsid:biocol.org:col:15670 for the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh herbarium. Collection records that were not formerly part of BCI are of a slightly different form. They start with http://www.grbio.org/cool/ followed by and eight digit random key such as ba9gp755.

The identifiers are Linked Data compliant. When they are called there will be a content negotiation between client application and server. For human users this will result in a seamless 303 redirect to the HTML page for the collection. If a machine is making a call to the URI then it will be redirect to a data representation of the collection in RDF-XML format. The RDF that is returned by HTTP URI is controlled by the administrator and can be modified. Please contact us if you need different fields available in the RDF.

The Linked Data paradigm is described in detail in the Linked Data Book.

Legacy Support for Life Science Identifiers (LSIDs)

Biodiversity Collections Index (BCI), issued LSIDs for the collections it tracked. LSIDs have not been as widely adopted as expected in 2008 when BCI was set up. It was therefore decided not to issue LSIDs for new collections after the merger of BCI into GRBio but to continue resolving the LSIDs that were issued by BCI for legacy support only. Some of the repositories in GRBio therefore have LSIDs that will currently resolve correctly. These LSIDs should be considered deprecated and may not resolve in the future.

Data Download

The full datasets are available for download on our Data Download page. If you need other information for research or synchronisation that is not provided in these files, please contact us.

Requests for New Web Services

If you need to interact with the data held by GRBio is a way that isn't listed here please contact us.